• How much does ExoShield Academy cost?

    ExoShield Academy is available without cost to all ExoShield Partners. Each course that becomes available may or may not have a cost associated with enrolment. In light of current events, our course Installing ExoShield is now available for free to all partners.

  • Is ExoShield Academy a live webinar?

    Courses that are made available on ExoShield Academy aren't live, but instead can be accessed on demand. Once enrolled in a course, you'll be able to access it any time through a desktop or mobile browser.

  • How do I access Installation Training?

    If you're already an ExoShield Partner, you can reach out to your rep who will then walk you through the enrolment process. If you're not an ExoShield partner and are considering becoming one, head to the link for new partners on our Homepage.

  • Can the Installation Training course be used instead of in-person training?

    We encourage anyone taking Installing ExoShield on ExoShield Academy to also consider in-person training. We don't think one replaces the other; in-person offers a higher degree of personalization, while online training is available any time. Currently in-person training is not being offered.

  • Will I have access to courses offline?

    While access to courses is only available online through a desktop or mobile browser, select content will be available for download within each course.

  • Should I use my laptop or my phone to take ExoShield Academy courses?

    Since ExoShield Academy is a web-based learning tool, its courses are available wherever you can access a browser. When taking an interactive course like Installing ExoShield, we recommend using a device that lets you follow along easily while you practice.