Something for everyone!

Whether you're new to working with film or have been in the tint industry for decades, this course is for you! Learn the ins and outs of installing ExoShield from start to finish.

  • Learn proper techniques for film handling, cutting, and molding ExoShield

  • Master getting a clean install out of your first piece of film on every car that comes into your shop

  • Master ExoShield installs with consistency and confidence to help you add windshield protection to your business

Designed to help you succeed.

Learn the skills you need to confidently start installing ExoShield!

  • Learn from the top instructors.

    Learn the insider tips and tricks that the pros use to get clean and consistent ExoShield installations.

  • Fast Track Success

    If you can't attend our in-person training, this course is the fastest way to learn the basics of installing ExoShield!

  • Works with your schedule

    Fit learning a new skill into your busy schedule! This course allows you to learn and practice your skills on your own time.

Break into the fastest growing film segment.

Windshield protection film is the fastest growing automotive film product in this industry. Learning how to properly install ExoShield profitably is key to growing your business and expanding your customer base.

What You'll Learn in Installing ExoShield

From cleaning to the final trim, we've got you covered!

  • 1

    Welcome to Installing ExoShield!

    • Introduction - The Basics of Installing ExoShield

  • 2

    Before You Begin

    • Prepping for your ExoShield Installation

  • 3

    Setting up your ExoShield Installation

    • Film Handling and Finger Setup

  • 4

    How To Install ExoShield

    • Trimming + Cutting

    • Molding ExoShield

    • Reverse Roll + Application

  • 5

    Wrapping up an Installation

    • The Finishing Steps

Meet Your Instructor

Learn how to install ExoShield from our Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Laurence Neely

With over 20 years of experience training others to install windshield protection film, Laurence is the most experienced instructor in the world. With his "only use one piece" philosophy, Laurence knows exactly how to teach you to become comfortable installing ExoShield, whether you're brand new to film or have been tinting for 30 years!

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